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Dark Sky Premium Apk is an amazing Hyperlocal weather application with the latest version 3.3.0 Free download for Android without cost. You will get all premium options to check the weather of all countries and cities for free.

Weather is the main problem that many people care about. Because if you are planning to travel anywhere in the world or any other city. Then you need to know the condition of the weather greatly influences your intentions for work, play, travel, and other expectations of life.

That’s the weather plays a main role in our different work including travel and another place that we made in our daily life. So, you need a reliable application for your smartphone which help you to stay up to date about weather condition every time. Which makes it easier for you to plan your daily work routine and travel routines.

Today we will give you the best and one of the premium weather checking and temperature details checking application Dark Sky which helps you to check the weather and other small tools that you need in your daily life.

DeveloperThe Dark Sky Company
RequiresVaries with device


Description of Dark Sky Premium Apk

Dark Sky was developed by The Dark Sky Company which created this app for all users to see weather conditions in their daily life. It’s not very popular as other weather forecast applications. Because this application is popular in some specific countries like the US, Ireland, Britain, and Puerto Rico.

All users love this application because of the real weather forecast app. In this application, you will get amazing options that help you to check weather conditions daily without any problem. Also, this app provides you with real and trusted weather forecasting options with Humidity and UV indexing rations.

So, you need to try this weather app on your smartphone because it will allow you to check other things as well as the weather. In this one application, you will get multiple features and options for free. Now you don’t need to download any other application for weather forecasting because it will provide you with all the necessary options.

Dark Sky


This will use your network connection and also GPRS to determine the location from Google Maps and then measure the weather. Now you will see your exact location and weather in this application without any problem. Because it will automatically detect your location using GPRS It will also provide you with quick information about the weather.

Now you will get brief weather information according to the time when you open the app also it will automatically update the weather from time to time whenever your smartphone connects to the internet.

There are a lot of amazing features available in this application like the next 7 days weather forecasting option. Also, it was developed for all weather forecast lovers. You will get the amazing and sleek design of this weather application with all the main options available on the main screen.

You don’t need to log in for weather because it will give you all premium options and weather forecasting without any registration or login process. Most people like this application because of its accuracy.


There are lots of amazing features available in this Dark Sky application that you will get without any cost.

  • You can know the actual temperature outside.
  • Current wind speed outside and the ratio of clouds covering the sun.
  • 3D Map for picking your favorite location to see the weather condition.
  • The vision will be more important for those who are driving for vacations.
  • It will also give you detailed information about the ratio of moisture in the air.
  • UV index which is also an important thing that this application guides you through all the index ratios.
  • Air Pressure is also important for some people who want useful information about air pressure and monster index.

Download The Dark Sky Premium APK

This is an amazing application that provides you with all the weather information that you want to know before planning to travel or working outside of the house. If you are planning to set up an outdoor projector. First of all, you need to check weather conditions and for that, you need a trusted application. The original version of this game is also available on the google play store but that does not give you premium options.

There are lots of popular weather forecasting applications available in the world. But if you are finding the best and most reliable one which gives you trust and updated weather information. Then Dark Sky might be your first choice you can easily download a free version from our site.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is Dark Sky Premium apk safe?

Yes, this weather forecasting App is 100% safe for all Android smartphone devices you can easily download it.

Is Dark Sky shutting down?

This weather application was removed in September last year from the App Store. But it's still working for all users you can easily download the Apk file for your smartphone without any issue.

Is Dark Sky Free for Android?

For Apple devices, this application is paid and on monthly subscriptions. But if you want to download the apk version then you will get a free one from this site.

Final Words

Here is all information about this amazing weather condition checking application that you need to check the weather every single day to plan your traveling and work according to weather conditions.

You can easily download this free application with lots of premium options. If you like this app then share this Dark Sky Premium APk with your friends to download and stay up to date with weather conditions and plan their traveling and working schedules.

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